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AcademicWorks Engage Case Study

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During the Engage Case Study session we discussed how the functionality available through AcademicWorks Engage could help donor relations professionals tackle the challenges associated with donor reporting. Effective donor reporting often requires combining information on donor contacts, beneficiaries, and fund financial performance from multiple systems and departments. Campuses and foundations often spend hundreds of hours merging these various data sets to produce cohesive and thoughtful printed donor reports.

AcademicWorks Engage offers clients a streamlined way to organize and curate all of the data elements that are critical to effective donor reporting including donor contact data, information on fund beneficiaries, and fund financial performance.

Engage allows clients to import donor contact information from their donor CRM via an automated nightly process. Clients can even choose which donor contacts and which data elements from the donor record they wish to import. Engage also allows clients to import the fund financial performance data, typically shared with donors as part of the endowment reporting process. Clients can include financial data for both scholarship and non-scholarship endowments.

Engage can automatically import the donor acknowledgments, thank-you letters, and pictures provided by students as part of the award acceptance process. Donor relations’ professionals can review and curate this information in AcademicWorks Engage prior to making it available to donors.

Clients can easily control the flow of new donor contacts, thank-you letters, and fund financial performance data coming into Engage via a convenient dashboard. Donors can also be invited to view recipient and fund financial performance data in Engage through a secure online account. Engage also includes a flexible reporting solution to help produce paper endowment reports.

In 2017, AcademicWorks had its first client go-live with the Stewardship portion of Engage! Holyoke Community College Foundation was eager to innovate their donor reporting process. The challenge of gathering fund information, donor information, and acknowledgments from students was extremely time consuming. They were eager to not only mitigate these technical challenges, but also provide a new and innovative way to report information to their donor population.

In an effort to streamline the process, the foundation worked with AcademicWorks to import the fund financial and donor contact information into their AW system. Once the information was centralized, the foundation began reaching out to donors to introduce the new Donor Portal, where donors can access their reports online. 

To help clients who are interested in utilizing the Engage module, Brandon provided a plan of action to get your institution headed in the right direction. This includes assessing your reporting challenges first, working with your database administrators to gather fund and donor information, and determining how you can then take advantage of the advanced reporting capabilities of Engage.

Key Takeaways:

  • AcademicWorks Engage can help donor relations’ professionals tackle the challenges associated with donor reporting.
  • Before embarking on the Engage implementation, assess your reporting challenges first, and then with the help of your database administrators and AcademicWorks, flesh out the technical details regarding the transfer of data into your AcademicWorks platform.
  • Follow the lead of Holyoke Community College! Once you have assessed your needs, we can help put a plan of action in place to allow you to get the most of Engage.

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Author: Brandon Spiller

Brandon Spiller

Brandon earned his B.A. in Computer Information Systems from Texas State University. He is extremely proud to be directly involved in meeting the daily technological needs of so many schools and foundations in addition to prospective students across the country and abroad. Brandon is an avid sports fan, and lives for football season.