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AcademicWorks Summer Release:  Improving The Applicant Experience

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At AcademicWorks, we believe in making education easily accessible through the use of technology, so we spent the past several months making it even easier for applicants to apply to scholarships.  These changes will also help our clients more easily support students as they use the AcademicWorks Platform. Thank you for all you do to support students every day!

Help applicants prioritize their time and apply for scholarships they are most likely to receive 

  • Recommended opportunities are now displayed so that the most relevant scholarships to each student are presented to each applicant first. 
  • A more automated workflow will direct applicants to applications that need attention.

Applicants will have better direction about actions taken and actions necessary

  • NEW progress indicators at the top of the “My Applications” page allow students to understand the progress of application completion, reference requests, due dates and more.
  • Application deadline will be added to opportunity cards for students to easily access on the dashboard
  • The “needs attention” section now includes a detailed view of all action items for the applicant to complete.
  • Applicants will have more visibility into the references they have requested including the due date, the application they requested the reference on, number of completed requests, and submission dates 

Additional updates for applicants and reviewers 

  • Some updated functionality has been updated to ensure compliance for applicants and reviewers with disabilities. This is completed using WCAG 2.0 Standards. Learn more about WCAG 2.0 here.
  • We will no longer accept .html or .xhtml files for upload on any application type

Assist applicants to complete thank-you letters on time

  • NEW Scholarship administrators now have the ability to add a due date for post acceptance application, making it easier to identify which students to notify for thank-you letter completion.

Access more historical information in Stewardship Management 

  • The history of actions taken in stewardship management will be made visible to administrators to aid with troubleshooting issues.

Are you interested in learning more about AcademicWorks and how you can use these features on your campus? 

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Author: Brooke Grimes, Director of Marketing

Brooke Grimes, Director of Marketing

Brooke Grimes began her career in the nonprofit and higher education technology world in 2012 and has a strong passion for using technology to power social good. She currently serves as the Director of Marketing for AcademicWorks, the Scholarship Management, and Donor Reporting Platform. Brooke has spoken at conferences including the National Scholarship Providers Association, the Grant Professionals Association, and the National Grants Management Association. Outside of the office Brooke is a member of the Junior League of Austin and supports the nonprofit community in her hometown of Austin, Texas.