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Beyond the API – Ensuring Data Consistency Between AcademicWorks and Financial Software


Author and Presenter: Tara Mcgiel, North Carolina State University

As you may have discovered early into your use of AcademicWorks, you have the ability to send scholarship award data to your financial system (Banner, PeopleSoft, etc.) through the use of the API. However, due to some technical challenges, you may not be able to take advantage of the API right away. Over the last year, we have had a few clients asks how they can accurately and efficiently keep AcademicWorks in sync with their campus systems in the meantime.

During this session, Tara Micgiel, the Assistant Director of Scholarships at North Carolina State University, discussed how you could keep your scholarship award information up-to-date in both AcademicWorks and your financial systems. Even without the use of the API, Tara has discovered a way to prevent overspending, identify errors quickly, and identify areas where additional award training for departments and staff may need to take place.

Tara was able to provide two examples of award data she has had to reconcile over the last year. These examples provide a step-by-step on what to look for when tracking scholarship award data made in AcademicWorks, and having that data accurately reflected in your financial system.

Key Takeaways:

  • As you begin to award scholarship in AcademicWorks, you will want to keep your AcademicWorks platform in sync with your campus financial systems to prevent errors and overspending.
  • Even if you are not taking advantage of the award API, you can download award information from AW, and using Tara’s method, you can reconcile any errors discovered during the process of transferring award information.

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