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The Best of Scholarship Promotions

July 19, 2017

With our 2017 Promoting Scholarships Contest kicking off this week, we wanted to share some of the best submissions we have received from clients in the past. We hope you find some inspiration in these examples and we are looking forward to seeing your submissions! If you won't be participating in the contest, these are all great examples to implement on your...

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The Promoting Scholarships Contest is Back!

July 17, 2017

Tell Us How You Promote Scholarships on Campus and Win $300 to Celebrate With Your Team!

Our scholarship marketing contest is back! We want to know all the ways you market scholarship opportunities to students and reward you for your hard work! There are tons of ways to promote scholarships but we want to know what is unique about your campus!

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Reference Letter vs. Questionnaire: Which is better for you?

July 12, 2017

Having someone put in a “good word” for you goes a long way, whether it’s applying for a job, applying for a loan, or even applying for a scholarship! However, other than confirming the student is a good candidate, is there anything else you want a reference to specifically tell you about the student they are vouching for?

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Hamilton Community Foundation

July 07, 2017

Problem: Paper Application Process

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Success with SAAS: How to Have a Smooth Implementation

July 05, 2017

This aint’ your grand-pappy’s blog article (unless of course your grand-pappy is a wannabe hipster blogger). If you’re here it’s because you really want to knock your newly acquired SAAS product’s implementation out of the proverbial park.

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AcademicWorks Clients Share Best Practices For Planning A Top Notch Donor Event

June 29, 2017

Who doesn’t love a good party? Parties, dinners, and receptions are an amazing way to celebrate scholarship recipients and donors while promoting a personal connection. 78% of colleges and universities host some sort of event each year to celebrate scholarship recipients and donors! We asked our network of donor stewardship professionals to share a little...

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AcademicWorks Summer Release:  Improving The Applicant Experience

June 26, 2017

At AcademicWorks, we believe in making education easily accessible through the use of technology, so we spent the past several months making it even easier for applicants to apply to scholarships.  These changes will also help our clients more easily support students as they use the AcademicWorks Platform. Thank you for all you do to support students every...

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How Colleges and Universities Steward Donors: A Survey

June 24, 2017



Are you interested in learning how you can easily create donor reports and allow donors of all types to see the impact they are having on campus?

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Austin Community College

June 14, 2017

Problem: Using a Partially Automated Scholarship Application System

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3 Tips for Timely Thank You Letters

June 07, 2017

Recently on the blog we've been talking about the importance of thank you letters and why they are key to a successful donor stewardship process. But the unfortunate truth is that thank you letters do no good if they aren't collected in a timely and efficient manner.

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