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AcademicWorks Clients Share Best Practices For Planning A Top Notch Donor Event

June 29, 2017

Who doesn’t love a good party? Parties, dinners, and receptions are an amazing way to celebrate scholarship recipients and donors while promoting a personal connection. 78% of colleges and universities host some sort of event each year to celebrate scholarship recipients and donors! We asked our network of donor stewardship professionals to share a little...

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AcademicWorks Summer Release:  Improving The Applicant Experience

June 26, 2017

At AcademicWorks, we believe in making education easily accessible through the use of technology, so we spent the past several months making it even easier for applicants to apply to scholarships.  These changes will also help our clients more easily support students as they use the AcademicWorks Platform. Thank you for all you do to support students every...

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How Colleges and Universities Steward Donors: A Survey

June 24, 2017



Are you interested in learning how you can easily create donor reports and allow donors of all types to see the impact they are having on campus?

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Students are the Key to Successful Donor Stewardship

September 30, 2016

When we ask our clients what they love about their job, their most common response is “working with students” or “helping students achieve the dream of going to college”. Students are the center of scholarship and financial aid offices for obvious reasons, but they are also a key part of the donor relation’s process that can sometimes be overlooked.

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Enhancing Communications For Improved Donor Reporting

September 08, 2016

95% of colleges and universities have more than one department involved in awarding scholarships and reporting to donors.

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Where Scholarships and Stewardship Collide

July 15, 2016

One of my main jobs as the Director of Marketing at AcademicWorks is to help provide educational content for scholarship professionals.  Rather than try to pretend I have all the answers, I connect professionals together to share best practices on the topics they care most about.

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AcademicWorks Fall Product Release: What’s New?

September 15, 2015

The fall release of AcademicWorks is one of our biggest releases yet. This action packed release is focused on helping you increase productivity, enhance communication and visibility to applicants, and refine the review process. We also are providing you with some improved administrative tools. Let’s check out some of these new features and how they can help you!

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3 Surprising Reasons Students Don’t Apply for Scholarships

August 20, 2015

From an outsider’s perspective, it seems like collecting scholarship applications should be a snap. After all, who wouldn’t want to be considered for free money? While it sounds easy enough, every scholarship administrator knows there are a variety of reasons why students may be unable to complete an application. Sometimes the form is too long, and after so...

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How Do You Promote Student Scholarships?

August 03, 2015


AcademicWorks would like to invite our customers to share their ideas for promoting and advertising their AcademicWorks site to students! Create a brief video and share your best ideas for promoting your scholarships and AcademicWorks site! All submissions will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card and the winning video (selected by the AcademicWorks team) will...

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AcademicWorks Spring Product Release: Improving Communication and Renewals

April 27, 2015

AcademicWorks consistently seeks feedback from our users and scholarship professionals to better understand their challenges. Based on this feedback we have released new features to help AcademicWorks users overcome these challenges.

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