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Decentralized Roll-Outs

October 02, 2017

Author and Presenter: Bailey Poindexter, Mississippi State University

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AcademicWorks Clients Share Best Practices For Planning A Top Notch Donor Event

June 29, 2017

Who doesn’t love a good party? Parties, dinners, and receptions are an amazing way to celebrate scholarship recipients and donors while promoting a personal connection. 78% of colleges and universities host some sort of event each year to celebrate scholarship recipients and donors! We asked our network of donor stewardship professionals to share a little...

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AcademicWorks Spring Release:  Donor Report Generation

April 30, 2017

Over the weekend, our team was busy delivering a new release to AcademicWorks users.  This release includes some of the most anticipated features to improve the donor reporting process for colleges, universities, and foundations! 

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Are Renewable Scholarships Your Problem Area?

April 27, 2017

Do you struggle to keep renewable scholarships organized?  For colleges, universities and foundations offering renewable scholarships, they make up about 30% of awards given and can be challenging because there are so many moving parts and unique situations that can arise.  I promise you, you are not the only one whose palms start sweating when you start...

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Three Steps To Following The Rules With Renewable Scholarships

April 05, 2017

Do renewable scholarships have you tied up?   Are you spending hours, days, weeks searching through award recipients and verifying if they still qualify for their awards?  So many colleges, universities, and foundations are still using valuable hours awarding renewable scholarships but have not made compliance a priority, which can be detrimental to important...

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Six Steps to Improving Communication with Scholarship Review Committees

February 01, 2017

The scholarship review process can be a very stressful time. Some of you may have to create huge binders of scholarship applications for reviewers, spending hours next to the printer and becoming all too familiar with that three-hole punch. Some of you may be spending some quality time in a conference room discussing applicants with review committees. Others...

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Taking The Leap with Scholarship Management Technology At A Decentralized Campus

January 24, 2017

Many college campuses operate with a decentralized scholarship administration process. This means that there are many people involved in awarding scholarships and they most likely work in various departments across campus. Many times in these instances there is not just one person or team responsible for awarding all scholarships. So how can a group operating...

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Top Trends in Scholarship Management for 2017

January 19, 2017

We asked hundreds of leading scholarship management professionals what they thought 2017 would bring to the world of scholarship management.  Check out what they had to say!   

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How Colleges & Universities Execute Their Scholarship Process

December 15, 2016

For the past year, we have been researching how financial aid, advancement, and academic departments are working together to award scholarships. The results from our “Where Scholarships and Stewardship Collide” survey offer a summary of how hundreds of institutions have structured their scholarship awarding process.

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Exploring East Carolina University with Hollywood Squares: A 4-Year Public Case Study from #AWConf2016

October 03, 2016

“AcademicWorks Welcomes East Carolina University to the Hollywood Squares!”

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