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Spreading The Word About Scholarship Management Technology

March 06, 2017

Does your scholarship process take months of working in spreadsheets? Are you tracking the collection of thank-you letters manually or spending hundreds of hours creating donor reports? Do you feel like you are the only one on campus who feels like there must be a better way to award scholarships and steward donors? Check out some key points you can use when...

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Top Trends in Scholarship Management for 2017

January 19, 2017

We asked hundreds of leading scholarship management professionals what they thought 2017 would bring to the world of scholarship management.  Check out what they had to say!   

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How Colleges & Universities Execute Their Scholarship Process

December 15, 2016

For the past year, we have been researching how financial aid, advancement, and academic departments are working together to award scholarships. The results from our “Where Scholarships and Stewardship Collide” survey offer a summary of how hundreds of institutions have structured their scholarship awarding process.

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AcademicWorks Fall Release: More Information At Your Fingertips

October 09, 2016

At the AcademicWorks Conference held just a few days ago, our Chief Technology Officer, Aaron Scruggs discussed how dedicated we are to enhancing the user experience for all of our AcademicWorks users.  While this has always been at the foundation of what we do, we continue to think of ways to provide you with more information in a user-friendly way. Aaron...

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Three Reasons for Scholarship Fund Utilization Problems

February 03, 2015

Campuses often struggle to fully utilize all of their available scholarship funds, especially those with restrictive criteria. Under-utilization can lead to stewardship issues when donors learn that their scholarship gift has gone unused, sometimes for years at a time.

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