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3 Tips for Timely Thank You Letters

June 07, 2017

Recently on the blog we've been talking about the importance of thank you letters and why they are key to a successful donor stewardship process. But the unfortunate truth is that thank you letters do no good if they aren't collected in a timely and efficient manner.

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Creating Impactful Donor Communications

May 31, 2017

Creating donor reports is challenging, time consuming and frankly overwhelming. While it is important to share fund financial information for donors in these reports, it is also key to show the positive impact the donor is making on campus. In the past, most organizations asked for a thank-you letter from scholarship recipients. In recent years an...

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What do Thank You Letters Look like in 2017?

May 10, 2017

Thank you letters are a tried and true method of engaging with your donors. In a recent survey we found that 100% of respondents ask for some form of information from students after they have been awarded a scholarship and 95% of them ask for thank you letters for the donor. They are improtant for donor stewardship because they provide a personal touch to...

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